As a national institute, CyManII is committed to developing the solutions needed to secure the U.S. advanced manufacturing industry, by delivering customized support to companies and businesses in their journey toward connected security. Our services include:

  • Coordinated vulnerability assessments for smart products and connected manufacturing systems
  • Secure energy savings evaluations and reporting
  • Counterfeit detection and avoidance

  • Secure system architecture migrations
  • Supply chain vulnerability assessments
  • Cybersecurity workforce training and education

By 2022, there will be 14.6 billion IoT devices around the world accounting for 51% of internet-connected devices. Unified development of AI operations, cybersecurity, interoperability, and energy efficiency will be critical to effectively adapting to this new IoT-led landscape. CyManII’s SMA (Secure Manufacturing Architecture) is an innovative strategy for us to supply value and products to our customers that will digitally transform manufacturing securely.

Guy Diedrich
Vice President and the Global Innovation Officer

Value Proposition

Key advantages to partners include:

  1. Access to leading cyber research programs and experts at major U.S. universities and the nation’s most advanced national laboratories in advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity.
  2. Opportunities to design and test state-of-the-art curriculum attuned to the needs of your customers and employees.
  3. Early access to the next generation of cyber-literate talent through workforce training at the community college level and next generation leadership recruitment at the university level.
  4. Providing industry with the business case and confidence needed to invest in secure automation and controls.
  5. Opportunities to significantly reduce risk and costs for evaluating and adopting/adapting the latest cyber technologies through integrated projects with government and academia.
  6. Advanced first-hand briefings of key technological breakthroughs and their relevance and assimilation into current platforms.
  7. Advanced access to intellectual property and options for accelerating implementation into current platforms either autonomously or through CyManII partnerships and programs.
  8. Access to state-of-the-art equipment, software and facility infrastructure to test next-generation technologies.
  9. Opportunities to participate on intellectual property protected projects that define, test, and integrate technologies spanning across Technology Readiness Levels (TRL 2-6) and Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL 2-6) within an ecosystem consisting of an integrated supply chain from small, medium, and large businesses.

CyManII has coalesced the leading research capabilities and facilities from academia and national laboratories in a comprehensive effort to define and advance the nation’s priorities for cybersecurity within the manufacturing industry.