Energy efficient advanced manufacturing is essential to our nation’s economy and global leadership. As new sensor and control technologies are developed and deployed, we must in parallel develop new cybersecurity technologies and methods.

On February 6th, 2019, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced their intention to launch a major new institute focused on the cybersecurity for Energy Efficient Manufacturing. DOE will fund this institute at $70M over five years and the institute will focus on securing automation, securing the supply chain, and developing the workforce needed in this innovative environment.

The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) is a response to the DOE’s call and leverages the trajectory of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), the 2nd largest cyber ecosystems in the U.S. UTSA is building upon its $100M investment in this ecosystem via the National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC). If awarded, DOE funding will accelerate this trajectory and link this ecosystem with the critical challenges facing U.S. manufacturing. Our approach is to use a clean slate to design a future-state based on state-of-the-art physical system design. The unique combination of our expertise in energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing empowers our team to take this innovative approach in collaboration with our nationally-recognized partner organizations:

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At GE, we are driving a new age of industrial AI and digital transformation that is creating the next big leap in the productivity and value of critical infrastructure … But to realize these leaps, we must have an ironclad, cybersecure digital infrastructure to safeguard and protect these assets. Through our close collaboration with CyManII, we are developing the transformative and open Secure Manufacturing Architecture that is required to meet this challenge.

Colin Paris
Vice President of Software Research
General Electric

Our Approach

CyManII is working with leading manufacturers to boost their competitiveness through improvements in cybersecurity and energy efficiency. Manufacturing is a nexus of innovation and economic opportunity in America, accounting for 12.3 million jobs or nine percent of the workforce.

Driving secure energy savings in the sector can have a broad impact, leading to cost savings and ultimately improved global competitiveness. CyManII works with OEMs, SMMs, and IT integrators to help them achieve secure energy savings by overcoming common barriers such as:

  • Lack of senior management buy-in
  • Absence of threat awareness among suppliers
  • Cybersecurity solutions that are not affordable and value-added
  • Lack of a common language and consistent standards around securing their systems from the beginning
  • Overall deficiency of support and resources available to help them become secure

With CyManII support services, manufacturers and their suppliers can understand current and emerging cyber-vulnerabilities along connected processes, integrate new IOTT components with a secure common architecture, and train their workforce on good cyber practices. Our nationally recognized team is poised to help US manufacturing reach secure energy efficiency in their plants and along their supply chains.